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Streetwear Shirts | Christian clothing by Visual Humans

Streetwear shirts come in all shapes and sizes. At Visual Humans, we believe that simplicity is key, not just in terms of practicability for printing and distributing our shirts but for our customers having something tangible to believe in whenever they rock our shirts.

Let Me Handle My Business
Let Me Handle My Bu$ine$$ Streetwear Sweat shirt

The Visual Humans movement is simply all about taking action after making a bold statement. We want to tell the story of a generation of doers who define their own path by making use of technology and social media tools to collaborate and communicate.

Streetwear Shirts

The most important aspect of designing our shirts is the message it carries. Of course we focus on getting high quality products and prints and aim to deliver on time but once you have the shirt, what is the story? what does it mean to you, it’s not just cotton on your body, it is a sign to the world that you are awake and ready to crush your goals!!


LET ME HANDLE MY BU$INE$$ is inspired by the everyday grind of entrepreneurship. We are no strangers to criticism, rejection and ridicule from our peers. That is why we created this design, it’s a message to the world that we are focused on achieving our goals and nothing can stop us!


God Energy is simply the kind of energy we need to go out and win!

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As part of the Visual Humans community, I actively encourage my peers to push harder and make sure they crush any goals they set for themselves, whether it be fitness related, career related or relationship related.


We started out as a christian clothing brand and we still are at heart even though we are getting a lot of attention from the mainstream. As visual humans we are chosen to do great things! Son of God is a men’s streetwear style that represents this!


Defeat The Devil – Shop Now

The devil is anything in your path that stops or slows you down when you are trying to accomplish something. Winning is a mentality and no one is born with it; you have to acquire it through hard work and dedication. Nothing comes easy in life but something simple such as wearing a t-shirt with the right messaging goes a long way to fuel you to win.

Buying Streetwear Shirts

We have presented our range of shirts to you and now the ball is in your court! You can click on any of the links above to purchase the shirts or visit our shop for a full list of all our products including snapbacks, hoodies, dad caps and much more!

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