8 Unbeatable Product Launch Ideas To Conquer You Market

New product launch ideas can differ for many different products but the underlying strategies remain the same – you should always aim to show your potential customers how your product solves their problem or how it is better than what they are currently using and offer greater value.

For this reason, getting your messaging right when launching a new product is essential. According to the Harvard Business Review, product launches fail for a number of reasons, including inadequate planning, false messaging and advertising, or simply because there is no market for the product.

Always start with a blank canvas when it comes to launching your new product!

New product launch ideas

New Product Launch Ideas

Before you launch a new product it is very important that you understand who your target audience is! You should focus on one or two key demographics and only focus your attention on these people initially.

By doing this, you will ensure that you don’t waste money unnecessarily¬†and that you give them enough attention to make sure that this group of people really get a chance to find out more about your product.

Part of launching your new product involves educating your target audience about your product functions, its benefits, and how it is used – this can be through podcasts, blogging, videos and launch events.

Product Launch Campaign Examples

As you will see below we explain how important it is to focus on social media advertising. Whether you are marketing an app, brainstorming coffee shop marketing ideas or learning how to market a clothing line, social media will be an important part of your marketing strategy.

One brand that did a great job with their new product launch was Under Armour who used Instagram effectively when launching their range of FW2017 collection.

They used videos of female athletes in a unique, poetic setting to showcase their collection and how athletes are breaking down barriers through their respective sports.

When it comes to creating a new product launch strategy, the first idea for launching your new product should always be content marketing – providing high-quality content on your blog to educate and inspire.

1. Start Blogging

Blogging is one of the first things you should be doing in the build-up to launching your new product. By setting up a blog and optimizing search for engines, you make sure that your target audience finds your content organically.

Some product launch content ideas include creating high-quality content for a specific target audience demographic showing how your product can be used in a practical way in their situation.

The benefits of blogging are immense and a blog can be a valuable resource for your new customers when it comes to finding out about news and product guides.

A very good example is Moz, a SaaS company that creates analytics products and marketing intelligence tools for search engine marketers. They knew very well that a great way to get their target audience to use their products is by creating awesome educational content on their blog.

The Moz blog now creates regular content to help marketers understand SEO and how they can use Moz tools to become better at their jobs. They now have a readership of over 5 million people every month who are always buying their products after reading their blogs.

2. Send Your Products To YouTube and Instagram Influencers For Free


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Influencer marketing has grown in popularity over the last few years and has been pioneered by many brands especially new fashion, tech, and skin care producers who have a younger customer base.

The idea is simple – when you launch a new product, you want to get it in front of as many people as possible and one of the best ways of doing that is to send it to people on Instagram or YouTube with thousands of followers.

You can simply direct message people on Instagram and explain to them that you will send them free samples of your great product if they agree to post a few pictures showcasing the products.

3. Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is one of the best ways to directly target specific people and show them ads to increase brand awareness during your product launch.

You can create an interesting and short educational video, host a live event online or simply use a range of images showing your products and promote them on Facebook or Instagram.

Social media ads are quite cheap and have proven to be effective for us and our clients when we set up campaigns for them simply because of the ability to target exactly who we want. You are in full control of your budget and duration and can start from as little as $5 a day!

If you are thinking of launching a new product but have no idea where to start, get in touch with us.

4. Product Launch Events

You can build buzz about your new product by hosting a launch event or even a party. There are a lot of creative ways to promote an event – through advertising and even blogging as we mentioned above. Invite a few friends and friends of friends over and make sure you are live streaming the event and people are taking photos of your products and posting onto Facebook and Instagram.

Another way of increasing brand awareness is to invite local reporters or bloggers to your event and asking them to write a short piece about your brand.

It is important to get your brand messaging right and aligned with specific brand values that your potential customers will identify with.

5. Product Giveaway

Everyone loves freebies! A great idea for your launch could be to give away some products to a group of people on social media. You could even make this the focus of your social media advertising.

Simply ask for an email address and a few more details from your target audience, ask them to share your page with their friends and then send them products for free.

You can also use email marketing software to send them follow-up messages to ask them if they liked the products and provide links for them to buy some more or refer it to a friend.

6. Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

Groups on Facebook and Linkedin have active members who engage with each other in regular conversation. This is good news for you if you can find a group related to your target audience and ask to join.

Once you are accepted into the group you should engage normally in conversation before you start posting your product details. This is will ensure that you do not look spammy or annoying.

7. Advertise on Google

Advertising with Google Ads is another way to directly engage with your potential customers who are searching for your products.

When you search for anything on Google, the first 3 or 4 results will most likely be adverts from ordinary companies like yours who want to reach new customers.

new product launch ideas

Getting started on Google Ads is very easy and their intuitive interface is very easy to use and understand. You set up a daily budget that you are comfortable with, add keywords that your target audience will be using to search for your products, create some text ads and you are good to go.

You can add site links and callouts to amplify your ad. You should always keep an eye on the bids for specific keywords and constantly change them to make sure you are not paying too much for clicks.

8. Word of Mouth Marketing

Finally, the best way to get new customers is by talking about your products to everyone you come across. Tell your existing customers to share your new products with their friends and offer incentives.

Tell friends and family, tell people at work and just sell the great benefits of your new products. As Elon Musk says, if people love your product, they will tell everyone about it, make videos about it and just keep sharing it.

Choosing The Best Product Launch Ideas

We have presented a list of product launch ideas that are suitable for every industry. It is now up to you to decide which one is suitable for your product.

At Visual Humans, we are experts at creating amazing websites and campaigns to help you launch your new products and boost your sales. get in touch with us for a free initial discussion and advice.


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