How To Market An App: The Unique Step-By-Step Guide

Knowing how to market an app successfully in an extremely crowded application marketplace has become increasingly difficult or many developers. For your mobile application to be successful you will need new and unique ways to promote your app and position it differently to your competition.

In this article, I have the pleasure of sharing with you the most innovative and cost-effective app promotion ideas, services and strategies you can use to market your application.

Mobile App Usage

With over 2.8 million apps available in the Google Play Store and more than 2.2 million apps available in Apple’s app store according to figures from Statistia, the demand for mobile apps continues to grow. Revenues from mobile apps have been forecasted to reach over 189 billion U.S dollars through app store downloads, in-app purchases, and advertising.

This only means that the process of marketing your app will become increasingly challenging due to the fact that there is so much choice and competition however we will walk you through the most creative ways to market your app using social media advertising, search engine optimization, PR, app promotion services and more.

How To Market Your App

According to Google, less than half of smartphone users actually browse for apps in app stores. With millions of apps already in the app store, your app marketing plan should go far beyond the confines of app stores like Google Play and Apple’s app store.

How To Market An App
Courtesy of Google/Mobile app marketing insights

As part of your app marketing plan, you will need to include content marketing – the process of creating content for your target audience that stimulates interest in your app without explicitly promoting it.

You can do this by setting up a website with all the information about your app and how to download it. The next step is to plan your content around the needs of your target audience.

Content Writing For Mobile Apps

Once you set up your website (I recommend using the WordPress CMS) using a service like Bluehost, you can go ahead and pick an app theme and jump straight into writing content for your target audience.

First of all, think about the target audience for your app. If it was built for people who are into fitness, your content should be all about fitness. If your app is for students, your content should be solely about studies, exam preparation, time management etc.

Simply go on Google, type in a few search terms that you think will be relevant to your target audience, find out how many people search for these terms using KW Finder, and if many people search for it, go ahead and start writing about it.

Your content should be high-quality, unique and based on quality research.

Your goal with content marketing is to become the best resource for anyone who could potentially use your app.

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The next best mobile app marketing strategy is social media advertising. This is the process of using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even LinkedIn to promote your app to a targeted list of people.

How To Market An App On Social Media

The most common way to do social media advertising is through Facebook because you get access to hundreds of millions of people on Facebook and Instagram.

How to market an app
Facebook Ads Manager

When you visit the Facebook ads manager and create a brand new campaign, you have the option to choose your marketing objective.

Setting this to “App installs” will trigger Facebook’s algorithms to find the people who are most likely to click on your ad and install your app based on their past behavior.

You can then choose your audience and target the types of people who should see your ads. You can choose people based on their interests, their jobs, locations, gender, and age.

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Google Ads

How to market an app

As we have mentioned, one of the best ways to market your app is through search engines. Search plays a bit part in most successful marketing strategies and the quickest way to get awareness for your app is through paid campaigns using Google Ads.

You can setup app install campaigns to show ads to people on Google search, Google display network, YouTube and Google Play.

Google will automatically pick your ad text and assets from your app’s store listing and your ad will also have a link to install the app directly.

This is a great way to promote your app to people who are already searching for it.

Connect With Bloggers

When you search online for apps, you usually get a number of blogs and magazines who compile lists of the best apps for any category. You can contact the writers of these blogs or magazines and ask them to list your app in their article.

The best way to do this is to explain why your app should be in the article and what features it has that the others do not. For example, you can say something like this in your email:

Hey Jake,

I just came across your article about the best apps for business when I was searching on Google –

I was wondering if you knew about an app called “App name”. It has a much better UI than the one listed in your article and so far, the reviews have also been better.

It also has cheaper pricing than “App name”. I can send you more information about it if you would like to include it in your article.

Anyway, thanks for sharing such great content.

– Your name.

App Store Optimization

Even though a large number of users discover apps through various channels outside the app store, there is still a large number who find them through browsing the app store.

When your app is listed in the app store you need to pay attention to the keywords you use in your description, the uniqueness of your icon, your ratings, and reviews.

Your app store listing should use the language that your target audience is most likely to use to help you appear at the top of search results.

App Promotion Sites

How to market an appOne of the best ways of marketing a new app is to get listed on websites like ProductHunt or BetaList. These websites have a large following and they are used by millions of people who are looking for the latest products.

Make sure to use a very compelling description of your app and sell it by explaining the problems that it solves instead of its features.

Word Of Mouth

Another great way of getting more app downloads is through word of mouth, referrals or affiliate sales. Tell friends and family, reach out to influential people on social media or in your community and let them know about your app.

If possible, give them an incentive for promoting your app such as a fee for every download or sign up. This is a great way of increasing awareness.

How To Market An App

Most successful app marketing strategies usually involve a great mix of organic and paid marketing activities. You should, first of all, do your research to get a good understanding of your target audience and optimize your app store listing to suit their language by using the right keywords and icons.

Your website should be used to attract organic traffic through high-quality content marketing. As part of your app marketing plan, reach out to influencers, bloggers, and magazines as a way to increase brand awareness.

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Start Marketing Your App

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