6 Epic & Creative Ways To Promote an Event

There are a lot of creative ways to promote an event, but you will have to choose the best options based on your budget, team capability, and technical know-how.

In this article, we will show you unbeatable and creative ways to promote your next event without breaking the bank or enlisting the help of professionals.

So you have planned the event, secured a venue, laid out the program and now you have to sell tickets. Your promotional efforts are one of the most important aspects of getting the ticket sales and the seats filled up.

6 Creative Ways To Promote an Event

knowing how to announce an event is key to getting a great turnout so we have ranked the best ways to promote your event and then explained in more detail in the article below:

Promotional Website
YouTube Video Series
Social Media Advertising
Email Marketing Campaign
Merchandise Hand-Outs

1. Promotional Website

Creative ways to promote an event

One of the most creative ways to promote an event is by creating a unique website just for your event. Some people call it a microsite and if you have an annual event it is definitely worth investing in.

The idea of the website is to be the hub or the final destination for anyone interested in attending your event. You can use social media advertising to drive traffic to this website, use email marketing software to tell your existing customers about your event.

One advantage of having a unique website for your event is the ability to blog about your event and educate potential attendees about why they should attend your blog.

Our partners at Bluehost can host your blog and promotional website from as little as $3.95 per month. We may get a commission at no extra cost to you when you sign up.

2. YouTube Video Series

Have you thought about creating a dedicated series just to educate people about your event? It could be a series of short videos where you show people amazing aspects of your events, tell them why they should attend, what they will get from your event and most importantly how to buy tickets.

Your video series should be educational, fun, entertaining and shareable, meaning people should find it entertaining enough to want to share it with friends.

The promo example below is by a gaming community in New York who released this video a few years back and got a respectable eleven thousand views, no doubt generating buzz for their event.

The video is:

  • Short
  • Engaging
  • Educational
  • Fun

3. Social Media Advertising

So far we have mentioned creating a dedicated website and video series for your event. But how do you get people to see those awesome creations? How do you make sure you don’t waste money creating them and then have to spend even more money on expensive advertising to get people to see your creations?

The most cost-effective solution is social media advertising – a service we offer many of our clients who start seeing great results straight away!

Social media advertising is great because you can spend as little as $5 per day and still get a considerable amount of clicks and view on your videos.

Setting up Facebook ads is one of the most creative ways to promote an event because you can target exactly who you want in terms of their interests, location, occupations and even age.

You can promote your new website or YouTube video series or simply tell people about your event by promoting your Facebook event page.

Some event promotion examples on social media include this one from Amazon who partnered with a popular home design magazine to launch a pop-up store for their home products.

This increased their reach and helped them tap into the audience of Domino magazine both on social media and in their printed editions.

4. Email Marketing Software

If you already have a list of customers or fans and store their email addresses you can create an automated email marketing campaign and send emails to each of your subscribers telling them about your event.

Even if you do not have email subscribers you should probably consider collecting email addresses as soon as possible because email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of promoting events.

You can use web-based software like Constant Contact to start collecting email addresses and automatically send promotional emails to your subscribers.

5. Merchandise Hand-Outs

Raising buzz for your event can be done in several ways. One method that always works is giving away something for free! In case you didn’t know, everybody loves freebies!

You can choose to give away gift cards, samples of your products, sneakers or even free tickets to your event. Simply offer your giveaway to your followers on social media or contact an account with a reasonable amount of followers who fit your target audience and ask them if you can promote your giveaway on their account.

6. Podcast

If you have the resources and the time, a podcast is a great way to promote your events. It does not have to be your own podcast but you can find podcasts that your target audience listens to and promote your event on the podcast.

You can also ask to be a guest on the podcast and speak about your event. In the last few years, podcasts have grown in popularity because of their accessibility and the value they provide to listeners.

The Most Creative Ways To Promote an Event

Creative event marketing strategies should always include targeted social media event marketing, innovative promotional ideas through partnerships and strong visuals that represent your brand.

Promoting an event has been made much easier and cheaper with the options you have today such as social media, email marketing software and video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. The most creative ways to promote an event and the options you choose are all based on your budget, time constraints, and technical know-how.

At Visual Humans, we are experts in advertising and promotion. If you would like us to help you promote your event please contact us.

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